Since 2011, the folks at Aquaforno have been making award-winning telescopic multi-stoves that use wood, charcoal or gas. Their latest “kitchen in a backpack” is the Aquaforno II, a multipurpose outdoor cooking stove that doubles as a grill, pizza oven, smoker, brazier, and even water boiler.

The beautifully crafted portable stove is made of 430 stainless steel and features a base that sits on adjustable tripod legs and works as a standalone grill, boiler, and fire pit. The second section allows you to raise the grill for frying food in a pan or wok, while the enclosing top section is an oven with a baking stone, insulated lid & thermometer, with plenty of space for cooking a casserole or a whole chicken.

Assembling the Aquaforno II is super easy and requires no tools, however, the whole thing weighs a considerable 44 lb so you’d better use a vehicle to haul this bad boy to the camping spot.

Preorder From Indiegogo $240