The Locky is what you get when you combine the features of a smart lock and a key tracker. This ingenious key overlay sends out notifications for unlocked doors and if you left the key on the knob.

It provides real-time door status anytime and anywhere. It tracks key usage and sends the data to a companion app that is compatible with most Apple and Android smartwatches and with Fitbit.

The great thing about this device is that it’s unhackable, unlike the virtual key. It simply works as a key overlay but with the smart applications of a home security system. It works with any type of key and installation only takes seconds– simply insert your key into the overlay and push anytime you want to use it and slide the key back in after use (like a pocket knife).

The physical movement of the key turns on the electronic circuit of Locky and the IMU sensor immediately detects and defines the movement of the key. The built-in Bluetooth sends the door status data to the app while the ringer signals events and generates the key finder sound in cases of misplaced keys.

The Locky comes with a replaceable battery that lasts for 14 months. A master key version is also available, which uses beacon stickers to unlock multiple doors.

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Photos Courtesy of Locky