As more homes welcome smart integration courtesy of high-speed access to the internet, consumer electronics companies have rapidly innovated their products to meet our needs. Depending on the size of your abode and the number of amenities that need regular upkeep, it’s best to automate some of these chores courtesy of robotics and artificial intelligence. Apart from the usual vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, and grill cleaners, SMOROBOT gives us the Tank C1.

With this bad boy in your lineup, it’s time to finally check off another tedious task from the list. With a heavy-duty filtration system, cleaning tools, and regular water chemistry maintenance, a swimming pool should remain in top condition for years. Professionals recommend we do this at least once a week. The walls, floor, and steps need to be brushed, vacuumed, or both for the best results. Keep in mind that the time it takes to finish is entirely up to the size.

SMOROBOT To The Rescue

Leaving your filtration system running for at least eight to 12 hours is the ideal length to ensure proper circulation and prevent algae growth. The problem is there are instances when we need to leave for an extended period, which leaves us no choice but to hire pool cleaning specialists or come back to what can be likened to a swamp. This is where the Tank C1 comes into play to save the day.

Design And Details

At a glance, it’s easy to see why SMOROBOT went with the name. You’re looking at a pair of anti-skid treads running the length of the Tank C1. This provides a larger contact surface to enhance grip on various materials such as concrete, fiberglass, vinyl, tiles, pebbles, and other popular pool finishes. 

Directly in between the treads are the brush plates, which scrape off calcium scales, algae, and other types of debris. These are then pulled into the removable trash basket via the strong 3,300 GPH suction generated by its triple-motor and the special shape of the blades.

The exceptionally fine mesh filter and S Flow Anti-Clog Runner system guarantee continuous operation as long as the debris collection chamber is not full. SMOROBOT cleverly redirects the back spray to help the Tank C1 stay firmly attached to the floor or walls of the pool.

It was powerful enough to reach slightly above the waterline. Like a robot vacuum cleaner, it’s armed with advanced IMU sensors for the Intelligent Path Planning Navigation V1.0 feature. The Tank C1 moves in V-shaped or U-shaped patterns for comprehensive cleaning coverage.

As for battery life, the enclosed 25.4V 7,800 mAh unit purportedly lasts up to 2.5 hours. A built-in ergonomic handle makes it easy to lift, carry, and store when not in use. The front sports a status light bar, while the rear is where you can find the latch to access the detachable trash basket.

Unfortunately, given electricity and water are a dangerous mix, the Tank C1 needs to be manually recharged out of the pool. The package includes a power brick, while the port is protected against moisture by a screw-down cover and a gasket seal. It would have been awesome if they managed to develop a submersible charging cradle.

Testing Our Tank C1

SMOROBOT was kind enough to lend us a sample unit to try out and we wasted no time to see what it could do. Although we didn’t have access to a large enough swimming pool that was dirty enough to test its capabilities, a colleague was kind enough to offer an alternative. The Tank C1 saw put into action at a friend’s plunge pool.

Since it was virtually spotless, we agreed to drop some leaves, pebbles of varying sizes, and other small items that could fall into the water and settle on the pool floor. So far, it was able to suck up everything we threw in its way and still had enough battery left for additional trials.

Once the cycle was completed, the Tank C1 conveniently stopped close to the pool’s wall for easy pickup. If the water is too deep to reach the handle by hand, an included retrieval hook can be attached to a standard telescopic pole to fetch the device.

Toggle the switch on top to “S” for the standard cleaning routine (floor+walls) or set it to “F” for (floor-only) cleaning. The latter is perfect for pools with clear water and no visible algae buildup or calcium scales on the walls, but plenty of submerged debris on the floor.

Our Takeaway

SMOROBOT is catering to a niche market exclusive to consumers with pools at home. Those who have first-hand experience with pool cleaning should know that the process is tedious. Furthermore, it’s never pleasant to do it under the heat of the sun. Therefore, the Tank C1 is a sound investment for anyone who would rather relax with a cold drink and let the robot do all the work.

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