The Livin Shower Plus ups the fun and comfort that a good bath gives. It uses one-tap technology so you can personally control your bathing experience.

You can fully control how you want to use your shower with a companion app and a shower handle screen. With a tap, you can start the shower at the temperature that you want. The app lets you pre-set shower settings to up to ten users. You never have to worry about scalding your baby when giving him or her a bath since you can specifically adjust the temperature for baby’s sensitive skin. You can choose Baby Mode for this purpose.

Moreover, the Livin Shower Plus knows your schedule so it prepares the perfect shower for you even before you hit the water. It lets you liven up your bathing experience through voice controls via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can use voice commands to turn on your shower and let it play music or the latest news. You can even answer calls while in the shower.

This smart shower uses Bluetooth so you can connect it to Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also sync in with your home’s thermostat so you walk out of the shower in your ideal room temperature.

The Livin Shower Plus is also economically efficient. The app gives you a report on water usage, shower time, and lets you set countdown timers. You can even pause the shower with a tap without sacrificing temperate retention. This results in an efficient bathing experience that not only saves you water but also energy.

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Livin Shower Plus Livin Shower Plus Livin Shower Plus Livin Shower Plus

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