Owning a pet, especially the furry ones means doubling up on the cleaning of surfaces where their fur has attached. Pet hairs can be stubborn to remove and sometimes vacuum cleaners do the job. But in the absence of such, pet hair removers work wonders just like the Lilly Brush. It works great on all surfaces especially on those you don’t want to leave scrapes or cuts.

Founded by Elsie Hamilton, who named the product after her Australian Shepherd, this tool is every dog, rabbit, or cat owner’s dream. It can remove even a speck of fur, those you can barely see with your opened eyes. It can tackle corners, crevices, and hard-to-reach areas with its curved edges.

The Lilly Brush features scraper-style edges and pointed corners. It is strong enough to dig out even the toughest of pet hair embedded in couches, clothes, car seats, and more. The good thing is its bristles are safe to use on leather, chrome, plastic, headliners, and other surfaces you don’t want to risk scraping off the covers.

Any part of the soft rubber blade briskly sweeps and drags away pet hair into a pile. Hairs do not stick to the blade, which makes the post-cleanup easier. You can simply wipe the edges with a damp cloth to get rid of dirt and dust and for maximum maintenance.

Moreover, the Lilly Brush pet hair remover requires minimal effort. Simply use short, quick strokes in varying directions to loosen the most stubborn embedded hair. Plus it is compact, lightweight, and portable so you can easily stash it inside your pocket for on-the-go cleaning anytime and anywhere.

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Images courtesy of Lilly Brush