Conventional lighters that rely on any type of fuel are quite handy in pinch or to light whatever you smoke. Yet, these are barely useable in windy conditions that can blow out the flame. To combat these situations, you could go for certain models that can withstand sudden gusts of air. The introduction of electric variants that use a plasma arc makes it even easier. On the other hand, the Risolves DualFuel is a versatile and compact EDC that uses an ABS coil to generate heat.

The item is lightweight at only 87 grams and measures 40 x 60 x 17mm, which is pocket-friendly. You have an EDC that looks like your typical Zippo but covertly holds another convenient function. Flip the top open and press the button to activate the flameless coil. It easy to brush it off as just another electric lighter, but the 1,200mAh rechargeable battery also doubles as a power bank.

Flip it over and the bottom section and you will find a USB type-A and USB type-C port to quickly charge your mobile device. It’s a clever solution that offers two functions that are handy you’re outdoors. The capacity is obviously not enough to fully-charge your gadgets, but it is handy nonetheless.

This EDC comes in either a matte black or frosted gold, which are both aesthetically stylish in our opinion. The case is made of zinc alloy, while its other components use stainless steel. Overall, the Risolves DualFuel is one durable and wind-resistant lighter. We hope that a waterproof model eventually comes out in the future along with a bigger battery.

Images courtesy of Risolves

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