If you’ve ever chopped firewood before, you know how energy expending and dangerous it can be – getting your axe stuck in a stubborn log stinks! Luckily, a Finnish lumberjack has come up with a safer, more efficient way to handle wood. Enter the revolutionizing Leveraxe ($120).

Applying the same working principles of a crowbar, this clever axe uses lateral pressure to safely split the chopped wood apart, immediately after impact. Its tough iron alloy blade doesn’t get lodged in the wood (unlike traditional axes), and it also boasts a hook which clamps on the log after a swing, thus reducing the risk of injuries. Furthermore, a polyamide hollow handle ensures a lightweight construction and high resistance at extreme temperatures. The Leveraxe seems like the ultimate wood-whacking tool, that leaves only one question in mind: how well does it work on zombies? Details in the video

Leveraxe 1

Leveraxe 2

Leveraxe 3

Leveraxe 4