The Downrage Tomahawk By Gerber

Whether you’re a camper, military or government worker, or just a regular dude waiting out the apocalypse, you’ll find the Downrage Tomahawk ($170.00) to be a very handy tool, with a limitless amount of applications.

Designed for the military by Gerber (Portland-OR), a company that’s been making knives since 1939, this Tomahawk is a modern version of an “ancient instrument of war”. It is the only breaching utensil we’ve seen with axehead, pry-bar, and hammer, which makes it universally effective and priced well. Made of 420 High Carbon Steel- one of the best steels you can use for blunt force action ( also easy to sharpen ), it features a non-slip grip and comes with a molle compatible sheath.

With this indestructible tool you can cut through walls and rope, and smash through obstacles like hinges, door knobs and locking devices. The Downrage Tomahawk comes with a lifetime warranty from Gerber, which makes it even more desirable.


The Downrage Tomahawk By Gerber 4

The Downrage Tomahawk By Gerber 3