After years of teasing flexible display technology, manufacturers are finally using it for their products. Last year, we saw a smartphone with a flexible screen called the FlexPai, which beat Samsung to the punch. Samsung and Huawei are advertising the Fold and Mate X, but problematic review units are causing delays. Just recently, at the Cruise 2020 fashion show, Louis Vuitton debuted two handbags with built-in flexible OLED touchscreens. Now, another tech company is set to join the fun with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 foldable laptop.

As much as we are excited to get our hands on it, the new model is in the prototype stages for now. Those familiar with the Lenovo Yoga Book will probably understand how the new concept works. It was the first touchscreen laptop from the Chinese brand that was available in Android and Windows operating systems. Utilizing a similar layout, albeit with a flexible OLED touchscreen this time around, the result is extraordinary. The display measures 13.3 inches when it’s fully open and folds into a 9.6-inch device.

Our only complaint about the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 foldable laptop is regarding the flexible display. Unlike conventional touchscreens that are protected by scratch-resistant glass, it uses a special polymer film. Eventually, creases will begin to form and it will become unsightly. This is a common problem for gadgets that will be using flexible OLEDs in the future, but we hope a practical solution comes along the way. We have yet to learn more about its technical details, but we can confirm that it runs Windows 10 and should hit retailers in 2020.

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Images courtesy of Lenovo