The Lendlenser MH10 Headlamp is perfect for hikers, hunters, campers, fishers, and everyone who fancies the extreme outdoors. It is lightweight and equipped with up to 600 lumens of brightness. Three light settings; Power, Low Power, and Mid Power enables you to adjust the light setting according to preference and the needs of your surroundings.

The Power gives off high light output, the low setting helps to conserve battery life and is perfect for glare-free reading and working, while the Mid Power gives off a medium-light output. The light can travel up to a distance of 150 m while battery life is good for 120 hours. A charge indicator helps determine the battery status and a low battery warning lets you know when you need to recharge your torch.

The Lendlenser MH10 Headlamp uses USB 3.0 for charging and the torch powers on with a turn, press or both processes. Meanwhile, a front switch on the head of the lamp allows for one-hand use.

Since the Lendlenser MH10 Headlamp is for the extreme outdoors, then its construction should be on par with its purpose. It is IPX4-certified which protects the device from water splashes.

Making this Lendlenser MH10 Headlamp ideal for the outdoor enthusiast are its added features. It is also equipped with a red rear taillight so you are visible to anyone on your path. The product helps you be seen from behind. It also has other colour filters for various different uses. Likewise, it features a transportation lock that prevents accidental or unintentional powering on of the lamp.

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Images courtesy of Ledlenser