In this modern age of high-tech games and gadgets, it is easy to turn to touch-controlled games to preoccupy our mind or relieve us of stress. We forget to turn to activities that challenge our creative imagination just like LEGO’s building playsets.

LEGO’s playsets are mostly for kids and rarely can we find one that caters solely for adults until the Lego FORMA. This building set is specifically for today’s adults who are looking for any means to alleviate their stress.

Unlike the LEGO Creator sets that draw inspiration from inanimate objects like vehicles, buildings, and other structures, the FORMA uses the beautiful Koi fish as its main model. It has 294 different sturdy elements to work with and offers four different customizable skin colors so you can transform the Koi into a colorful marine animal.

The skins come in different shapes, patterns, and with 28 pin elements. You can turn the Koi into a shark with the Shark Skin, or swap the standard Koi skin for the Ink Koi Skin or the Splash Koi Skin.

The best thing about this set is that it has a gear system that provides life-like movements to the assembled parts. Simply prop the finished piece on the added display rod and turn its built-in crank to see the model come to life.

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Photos Courtesy of LEGO Forma