The Leatherman Wave+ boasts an amazing selection of tool kits found in its predecessor, the Wave. But it now comes with an upgrade. Outside of the 18 tools present in the Wave, the Wave+ now includes durable replaceable wire cutters made in 154CM premium steel. It’s an essential addition to the already loaded Wave that comes with cutting tools, crimpers, and more.

This portable EDC multi-tool features needlenose and regular pliers and premium replaceable hard-wire cutters. It also has a wire stripper, electrical crimper, a saw, spring-action scissors, and a 420HC knife and a 420HC serrated knife. Screwdrivers include small and large exchangeable bit drivers (eyeglass screwdriver and Phillips #1-2 & 3/16″ screwdriver) and a medium screwdriver. It also includes a bottle and can opener so you always have one handy on days when you just want to cool down after a hard day’s work.

The Leatherman Wave+ multi-tool is a handy and sturdy tool kit to have around. It is portable enough to put inside your bag, pocket, or just about anywhere you want it stashed. It only weighs 8.5 ounces and measures 4 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches. This comes with a lifetime warranty so you can be assured of its durability.

As is the case with its predecessor, the Leatherman Wave+ multi-tool not only boasts functional tools and rugged beauty. It is also comfortable on the hand. It supports one-handed operation on its fold-out tools and signature butterfly-opening pliers. Moreover, locks ensure safety so the other tools that are not in use do not slip out and nick your skin.

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Leatherman Wave+ Leatherman Wave+ Leatherman Wave+

Leatherman Wave+

Leatherman Wave+ Leatherman Wave+ Leatherman Wave+



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