The Leatherman Free K2 Pocket Knife gives you all the necessary tools for quick fixes, outdoor use, and more. It comes in a portable size so you can rely on it anytime and anywhere. 

Leatherman is no stranger when it comes to providing versatile multi-tools that you can turn to when you least expect it. Say small indoor and outdoor fixes, during camping or as survival gear. It packs useful commonly-used tools for fixing, opening, slicing, and more. 

The Leatherman Free K2 Pocket Knife is more than just a pretty face. It has eight tools you can work with including a bottle opener, package opener, and a pry tool. It also has an awl, a Phillips screwdriver, a medium screwdriver, and an extra-small screwdriver you can use for those tiny screws on eyeglasses and removable blades in knives. Then there’s the 3.3-inch 420HC knife which is stain-resistant,  tough, and easily sharpened.

This pocket tool is easy in the hands and in the pocket. It is relatively lightweight at just 8 ounces and compact at 6.1 x 3.3 x 1.6 inches. The handle is made with aluminum to make it light while the tools are from durable stainless steel. It uses a magnetic locking system for smooth, quick access to the tools. This also means that the tools, except for the plier head, will lock into place for safety, so you can apply pressure on the chosen implement for an efficient job.  

The good thing with the Leatherman Free K2 Pocket Knife is that the tools are accessible on the outside so you can use it with one hand. It also comes with a removable pocket clip. 

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Images courtesy of Leatherman