We can’t believe this sleek motorboat is from the same outfit that gave us the magnificent Avanguardia. It was remarkable how Lazzarini Design Studio envisioned a massive yacht in the shape of a swan. As for their new vessel christened the Embryon, it surprisingly sticks with a conventional form factor but is never lacking in refinement.

This 78-foot watercraft is what the Italian designer calls a hyper boat. Much like its land-based counterpart – a hypercar – it is engineered for raw performance and speed. Just look at the flowing curvature of its silhouette. As drag becomes a mere afterthought, this allows the Embryon to cruise the seas at breakneck speeds.

The open-top cockpit is on the main deck – perfect for when you want to really feel the wind in your face. Let the two-man crew take over while you and your buddies just relax on the lounge chairs. Fancy a dip? Dive from the aft deck swim platform or maybe just lie down on the sun beds and work on your tan.

You’ll also notice that the Embryon sports a translucent section that wraps around the hull. It looks like a single-piece construction with a mirror-like polish from certain angles. Moreover, when the light hits a specific section, it reveals a mesmerizing honeycomb pattern.

Within the lower deck, you have the engine room right below the aft deck. Also, two guest rooms, the owner’s cabin, and a crew cabin can accommodate up to 8 people with the crew included. All have ensuite bathrooms for convenience as well. Lazzarini Design Studio already holds the blueprint. All that’s left is for a shipyard to build the Embryon.

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Images courtesy of Lazzarini Design Studio