We’ve heard that people are using their spare time amid the pandemic by learning new stuff. In our bid to constantly develop our skills and talents, home isolation presents a perfect opportunity to do just that. If you’re planning on picking up a guitar this summer, the LAVA ME 2 is a terrific choice. It packs all the innovative hallmarks of its predecessor with some upgrades.

As long as you’re willing to try them out, there’s no shortage of hobbies for men. Many of us here at Men’s Gear are giving musical instruments a shot. As such, a few of our buddies want to eventually shred on a guitar. The Lava Me 2 touts features that make it a wonderful option for both beginners and experts.

The LAVA ME 2 uses advanced injection-molding technology to form its unibody structure. Being a follow-up to an already impressive guitar, you know improvements are in order. LAVA MUSIC is calling its new carbon fiber composite the Super AirSonic. Although it clocks in at the same weight as the original, the company says it is 20% stronger.

Another interesting facet is the FlyNeck which supposedly helps your hands shift positions better. Acoustic accuracy is crucial for guitars, which is why LAVA MUSIC uses its Plek PRO machining system. The neck is also 300% more rigid than before does not make it prone to flexing.

This makes the fretboard uniform so that the LAVA ME 2 produces beautiful tones. It also makes the playing experience more comfortable. Perhaps its most notable feature is in-built rechargeable L2 preamp. No need for cables or an amp as you fine-tune the effects to suit your music.

Buy – $799

Images courtesy of LAVA MUSIC