The moment you lay eyes upon the Lark Streamliner, it is clear that this is no ordinary motorcycle. In fact, it looks like something fresh out of a Mad Max movie that would be at home in a post-apocalyptic setting. Shea Nyquist, an ex-BMX champ is helming this awesome build in the hopes of breaking the land-speed record for an all-electric motorbike.

Men’s Gear would love to wish him all the luck on this daring endeavor. Moreover, we want to see how this bad boy prove that even a hunk of junk can set milestones. The latter description is rightfully appropriate because this Frankenstein’s monster of a motorcycle mostly uses salvaged parts. Don’t let the junkyard aesthetics fool you because this is one serious project.

In fact, test run results already show a lot of promise with Nyquist pushing it up to 80 miles per hour at just about 10 percent throttle. We’re hoping that with a little more work, the Lark Streamliner will be ready to make it into the record books.

Within the skeletonized frame is a 22 kWh LiFeP04 battery paired to a 200 kW motor. So far, tests show that it can produce up to 268 horsepower, which should be enough to move the 1,700-pound electric motorcycle. We’re sure that the open-work design is not final, because it will need to be as aerodynamic as possible if it hopes to achieve the goal.

So far, the biggest challenge right now is stability in lower speeds, Nevertheless, we are confident that Shea Nyquist can overcome these setbacks and turn the Lark Streamliner into a record-breaking machine.

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Images courtesy of Lark Machine Company