The Land Rover Defender is a favorite platform for overlanding enthusiasts to work with. The powerful and rugged nature of the SUV allows owners to come up with insane ideas of what they can do with it. With the help of aftermarket upgrades and some custom builds, the possibilities are near limitless. However, before work can start on your project it’s crucial that one envisions how it would look. M. Doruk Erdem did just that with what he calls the PEGASUS.

We’ve features conversions in the past that have turned regular four-wheeled rides into 6×6 all-terrain brawlers. The PEGASUS is one of those that originally starts off with a Land Rover Series III Defender. The vehicle and industrial designer might have gone slightly overboard with the aesthetics,

yet it is jawdropping. This bespoke machine sports a chunky silhouette, which usually tells us it means business. From SUV to a pickup truck, Erdem likes to push the boundary with his concepts. In fact, he’s going all out to show us that this off-road beast will barrel through anything in the way. The double cab, the bed, extra lighting, make it appear ready for heavy-duty work in any condition.

Meanwhile, the wheel flares remind us that it sits on beefy all-terrain tires. Next is the suspension system that gives passengers a smooth ride all the way. Although the engine type and model is a mystery, the PEGASUS should have 800 horsepower ready at its disposal. The only thing missing is perhaps is a factory that can finally bring it to life.

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Images courtesy of M. Doruk Erdem