Some vehicles are destined to become icons that will be the subject of admiration for years to come. Automotive designers responsible for these creations turn into legendary household names among enthusiasts. As such, manufacturers tread carefully when revisiting these models and choose to present them in their original form. However, it takes guts to twist the formula and showcase your own take on a timeless classic. A daring soul — Khyzyl Saleem – attempts to introduce some tweaks that give us the Lamborghini Countach E.V.E. Concept.

Many will agree that it risks infuriating fans of the stock 80s supercar from the Italian marque. Nevertheless, we have to give him credit as his take on the Lamborghini Countach retains some familiar elements. There’s a noticeable control in the redesign which adds curves in the right places. This allows the body to keep the angular sections to remind onlookers of its identity

Modern touches that immediately catch our eye are the LED strip lighting that replaces the regular headlights. This approach is likewise visible while viewing the Lamborghini Countach E.V.E. Concept from the back. This shows how Saleem remarkable control as not to overwhelm the vehicle with too many changes.

Meanwhile, the designer also draws attention to the NACA duct, which opens up to show more of the rear section. It sports a lower ride height and sits on a set of Rotiform ultra-wide wheels. This Lamborghini Countach E.V.E. Concept is one remarkable take on a beloved machine. We can’t wait to see more from the artist in the future.

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Images courtesy of Khyzyl Saleem