For folks who still love a smoke or two every now and then, a cigar is the classiest way you can go. In fact, most aficionados consider it a social activity – to enjoy in the company of friends. Due to the frequent mention in many forms of media, many consider Cuban cigars as the gold standard. However, the majority of tobacco connoisseurs count those from the Dominican Republic, among other places, as some of the best there is. If you’re eager to give one a try, La Aurora offers a wonderful selection of cigars fit for even the most discerning tastes.

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The La Aurora Quality

Let us give you a little insight into the brand and why it deserves to be part of everyone’s collection. First, for those wondering as to why the emblem is depicting a lion, it’s an homage to the founder Eduardo León Jimenes. Since 1903, the establishment has been making the finest cigars from world-class materials and ingredients.

The tobacco that goes into La Aurora cigar has been meticulously cultivated from seed to plant. To date, its artisans carefully oversee every step in the process to produce exceptional quality consistently. This guarantees each handcrafted cigar that ships out from their factory will deliver outstanding flavor, aroma, and overall experience.

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Finding Your Favorite

Most of you probably know that cigars pair wonderfully with certain spirits. Whiskey is among them and just like the various blends of the amber liquid, La Aurora boasts a huge lineup to choose from. Trying the options individually to see which pleases the senses may take a while, so may we suggest their sampler packs instead.

Depending on the budget, pick the bundle and work your way up from there. Their sampler packs likewise make a wonderful gift for people who indulge in tobacco leisurely. We also think it is so awesome of them to help those who are new to smoking cigars. 

A Helping Hand

Most brands normally assume interested parties already know what they want. Unfortunately, this might intimidate first-timers. La Aurora calls it their mission to guide their clients every step of the way. To make it even more interactive, their intuitive cigar quiz should narrow down the blend that would possibly please a particular palate.

The system takes into account several factors such as years of smoking, cigar intensity, favorite beverage, flavor notes, and how frequently you smoke. Its algorithm then compiles the data and generates a list of choices that would most likely appeal to the buyer.

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Our Takeaway

Discovering the complexities of cigars just got easier. Just like with any product or service, never settle for mediocre because you will miss out on sophisticated nuances only delivered by top-shelf quality. It doesn’t really matter if you regularly light up or do so during special occasions only, La Aurora has something for everyone.

Give the sampler packs a shot or check out their comprehensive recommendations based on what you’re about to celebrate. Moreover, they sell premium accessories to get you started. Grab a cutter and lighter because you’ll need them. Don’t forget a humidor as well to properly store your cigars. Finally, we suggest you act now as La Aurora currently offers free shipping in 43 states for a limited time.

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