Wallet, keys, phone, knife? Knife not knives! Korcraft, the makers of a new pocket knife like to note that the best one you own is always the pocket knife you are keeping in your pocket. Not the multipurpose ones stashed in that draw at home accompanying screws, spare jacket buttons, possibly dead batteries, Christmas cracker jokes and old keys you have no idea what they open. Their new product, the Everyday Blade, is much more portable.

These pint-sized pocket knives can hold up to 12 common blades, so you can switch to the one you will need the most on your next outing and adventure. It has a nice opening mechanism that allows you to pop the blade out with one hand – rock climbers rejoice!

Korcraft claim the blade is made from propriety material which weighs less than steel but is more robust than aluminum. It is suitable for lefties as well as righties and the blades are effortlessly replaced. The design is very compact and has a streamline shape to prevent nicking and catching on clothes. Overall, this Everyday Blade is one for the adventurous guys among us to get their hands on.

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