Summer days means fun under the sun, which equates to days of kayaking, swimming, or adventures with water. If you dread towing a kayak on the roof of your car, then the Kokopelli Rogue-Lite Packcraft is just for you.

This is a minimalist inflatable kayak that is amazingly portable and light. It packs down to the size of a paper towel roll. Thus, it takes such a small space in your car, bag, or backpack. It is also extremely light for a water vessel. It is only 2.3 kgs. which is hardly a burden to have around on your outdoor adventures.

The Kokopelli Rogue-Lite Packcraft may be lightweight and small. But as they say, great things come in small packages. This definitely applies to this summer essential. It is constructed out of durable and water-safe materials so it does not sacrifice safety over portability.

This “bucket” one-person packcraft is classified Class 1. It can handle lakes and rivers just like typical kayaks. It boasts Kevlar-reinforced, Aramid-Nylon Blend flooring system, a first for the brand’s Rogue series. The Kevlar maximizes durability while keeping weight and packing size to a minimum. It also uses 210d TPU-nylon for the sidewalls and 210d diamond-ripstop nylon and stem valve for the inflatable seat.

To make it robust and strong, the seams of the Kokopelli Rogue-Lite Packcraft are first stitched and then welded with double-reinforced 1-inch wide seam tape. The pontoon-to-floor attachment point is glued to the sidewall then reinforced with v-steam tape around the pack’s interior. Meanwhile, the main pontoon uses Leafield D7 valve.

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Images courtesy of Kokopelli