Sony’s AIBO and Boston Dynamics’ Spot should step aside as a new player – or should we say “dog” – is coming to town. Meet KODA, the robot companion of the future. Despite the likeness it shares with some platforms, its manufacturers were quick to point out what it does differently. It appears social functionalities are on the top of the developers’ according to their marketing. How does it stack up against the rest? Let’s find out, shall we?

This year’s CES 2021 was nothing short of remarkable as world-class brands gave everybody a teaser of all the awesome stuff coming our way. Robotics was definitely one of the showstoppers during the event. Samsung is already developing a lineup of automated machines to help out around the house. Meanwhile, Moorebot promoting its Scout as an alternative to home security and pet companionship.

KODA, on the other hand, will supposedly sense the mood of their owners. The folks engineering this robotic platform are combining cutting-edge hardware with blockchain-enabled decentralized AI Infrastructure. According to experts, this essentially keeps all of its data secure across a network of computers. 11 teraflops of processing power allow it to understand and execute voice commands.

Aside from emotional assistance, KODA can likewise offer physical support. Specs-wise, the robot dog relies on four integrated three-dimensional cameras to navigate. Additionally, there is a single forward-facing camera probably for recording video, taking photos, or streaming a live feed. Its lifelike movements comes from 14 high-torque motors in strategic sections. Pricing is not yet final, but it might fall somewhere between $45,000 to $55,000.

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Images courtesy of KODA Inc.