When they were talking about cyborgs eventually taking over, what we are seeing right now is far cry from what Terminator was showing us. Instead of humanoid exoskeletons, what’s invading our homes and offices are different altogether. There are automated vacuum cleaners, robotic pets, drones, among others. Overall, this is an agreeable scenario for everyone. The Moorebot Scout is a cool concept that mixes companionship, fun, and home monitoring into a palm-size package.

While we would gladly interact with machines like Sony’s AIBO, some continue to give us nightmares. Boston Dynamics recently released a consumer-grade version of its creepy robot dog called spot. However, the way it moves around on four legs makes it hard pass for now. The Moorebot Scout, on the other hand, will do for now and there’s a good reason behind it.

As Star Wars fans, we can help but be reminded of those small repair droids scurrying about in the movies. The Moorebot Scout might look like a toy but it is capable of more than just entertainment. What you have here is a smart camera on wheels with an AI backbone. It can navigate around your house with the help of its monocular SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

The onboard FHD camera with night vision gives you a clear view anytime. Its Mecanum omni-directional wheels and all-wheel-drive system gives it exceptional maneuverability. The Moorebot Scout can recognize objects, people, and pets and connects with your Wi-Fi for remote operation. Hands-free control is possible via Alexa or Google Assistant. We’ll gladly choose this over an IP camera.

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Images courtesy of Moorebot