While some distilleries have spent centuries building their reputation, the occasional newcomer can quickly take their place right up beside the greats.  Kentucky’s Knob Creek is such a one – this year marking their 25th Anniversary.

To celebrate, founder and 7th generation Master Distiller Fred Noe is releasing a limited amount of the brand’s first barrel-strength concoction. The celebratory Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Bourbon ($130) will come from approximately three hundred barrels laid down in 2004 and aged to about 125 proof.  As indicated, each bottle’s contents come from a single barrel thus allowing for small variations in taste and proof between them.

The liquid is unfiltered and screened only to remove charred barrel wood chips.  Noe’s father invented the term ‘small batch’ and this release will feature the rich, mature taste and extra dryness that distinguishes Knob Creek from its weaker rivals.  After 25 years, Knob Creek has set the standard for what whiskey drinkers expect and this Anniversary Edition single barrel Kentucky bourbon has been hand selected to be their very best yet!