It’s no secret by now that demand for American whiskey is on an uptick throughout the year and could potentially surge even further in the coming holidays. However, another type of booze which is also equally lauded on the global stage is tequila. Honestly, the number of choices is equally staggering, but some like the Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva deserve to be sampled.

The agave-based spirit is best enjoyed neat in a single shot as tradition goes, but we are firm believers that it’s all up to the drinker. We’ve all known tequila is wonderful in cocktails and any mixologist worth their salt has a recipe or two in their pocket to blow you away with. Nonetheless, others suggest enjoying it by sips, preferably chilled or on the rocks.

Originally making its debut last year, the Añejo Gran Reserva is gradually gaining a sizeable following. Mijenta already has two award-winning products under its belt – the Blanco and Reposado. It won’t be long before its 18-month-old offering finally earns its spot in the limelight. The 2023 expression is no different, which is exactly what it means to be consistent.

Mijenta shares that instead of aging and transferring their tequila from one barrel to another, they’re doing it simultaneously. The casks involved include cherry, French oak, American white oak, and acacia. Each wood imparts subtle nuances to the spirits, which are then blended and bottled at 40% ABV. The Añejo Gran Reserva is also presented in a bold blue bottle with a matching box.

As for the tasting notes, the distillery describes the liquid as “an intense golden color and copper tones that shine vibrantly on the glass unveiling the harmonious maturation process.” Aromas of cooked agave, tobacco, cacao nibs, and butterscotch permeate your nostrils. Finally, the Añejo Gran Reserva Tequila is “smooth and velvety with an array of complex flavors ranging from dried fruits to spices and coffee.”

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Images courtesy of Mijenta