Gearing up properly for a motorcycle or bicycle ride with the boys is something one should take seriously. Unlike inside a vehicle, there is no durable frame and shell in between you and the road. The AI-1 Airbag Vest from Klim presents a solution that can likely save your life in a crash or a major wipeout. Also, it doesn’t even make you look like a clown.

Accidents can happen even to professional riders. Thus, even the basic stuff such as helmets, jackets, elbow/knee guards, gloves, and others can make a difference. What the AI-1 Airbag Vest promises is reliable and real-time adaptive protection for your back and chest.

Klim is partnering with In&motion and using the latter’s DPP system. In the event of a crash, the sensors and advanced algorithms determine the exact moment to deploy. In fact, the tech analyzes the user’s position at a rate of 1,000 times per second.

If the data indicates that the rider is falling due to various supported scenarios, the airbag will fully inflate in less than 60 milliseconds. Although it is optional, users are encouraged to allow the company to collect data. All information gathered will be used to improve the algorithm.

The AI-1 Airbag Vest weighs only 3.3 lbs and is reusable up to three times. After that, Klim might need to service it to replace the gas inflator module. The materials are breathable and the fit is ergonomic. You can wear it standalone, under your jacket, or even with a backpack (with some limitations).

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Images courtesy of Klim