If you’re a neat freak and prefer your work desk free from clutter and messy cables, then the KeySmart Task Pad is for you. It provides an efficient method of powering your devices in one minimalist setting.

This sleek yet elegant design promises to elevate and organize your desk space. Think of it as a Qi-wireless charging pad but it takes more real estate which then means more devices covered. It has a dedicated space for your mouse and keyboard and a space to charge portable gadgets like smartphones, headphones, and other Qi-wireless compatible devices.

The beauty lies in the cable-free setup. Just place the KeySmart Task Pad down on a flat surface and start charging. It provides a 10W power bank and can hold a charge until full. It can even charge phones and other tech gear with its cases on.

Moreover, it has a smooth micro-textured flat mouse pad to flawlessly match or track the mouse movement. It also provides firm and cushioned padding for comfortable arm and wrist support.

The KeySmart Task Pad takes into consideration food and liquid exposures. It is especially ideal for those who prefer to eat while on the job or while in a serious gaming situation. Thus, its material is made to be water-resistant, anti-scratch, and stain-proof. This ensures it remains in good working condition over prolonged use. It also keeps your desk free from spills and replaces the need for coasters. Best of all, it is relatively lightweight at just 1.76 pounds, measures 17.36 x 5.59 x 3.94 inches and rollable so you can take it wherever with you.

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Images courtesy of KeySmart