As autumn is already peeking around the corner, some folks are already wrapping up their gear for summer. With the weather gradually getting colder, some of us will be enjoying the creature comforts of indoor heating. Nevertheless, we don’t want outdoor barbecues to end just yet. If you do too, check out this Shokunin Kamado grill from Kalamazoo.

Most of us probably own gas grills, which is perhaps the most convenient among other types. However, even with the help of burner shields, it’s difficult to replicate the flavor and aroma of wood or charcoal. Even with the help of smokers, you can’t beat the real thing.

According to the manufacturer, “Shokunin” means artisanal in Japanese, and it fits the bill right here. This freestanding grill stands 48 inches on top of a durable ipe wood frame. The body and lid are crafted out of stainless steel with two inches of glass fiber insulation in between the structure.

This gives the Shokunin Kamado superior heat retention that would last longer than most of its kind. Flip-up grill grates make it easy to add charcoal or wood. Meanwhile, the three-level fire grates give it even more versatility. The adjustable height gives you access to various cooking styles: low for smoking, mid for roasting, and high for direct heat grilling.

To give you more control, there are four air shutters. If that’s not enough, Kalamazoo throws in two charcoal fences for offset fire management. This technique is used by professionals to quickly sear steaks and burgers on one side and then slowly cook on the other. Lastly, the integrated thermometer on the Shokunin Kamado’s lid makes it easy to manage the temperature.

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Images courtesy of Kalamazoo