KAD Models and Protypes created the VersiCube not just to play with but also to wear and stare at. It not only works as a fidget cube but as a table accessory or jewelry.

Designed with attractive colors, this unique take at a fidgeter’s plaything offers limitless possibilities. Turn it into a 3D tic-tac-toe game with a set of silver and black pegs. You can build blocks with it using the pegs and additional polished aluminum stand. The holes in the cubes can even stand-in as a pen or flower holder.

The VersiCube comes in a smaller size that works and looks great as jewelry. You can loop a silver chain or any chain through the holes to create a pendant. You can also turn a couple of the smaller cubes into a pair of trendy earrings. It also works as an accessory to hang along with your keys or give as a unique gift. It also works as a great desk art for people to stare at.

This fidget cube features machined radius corners and dishes faces for a sleek appeal. It is available in two sizes: the standard and mini. The standard measures 1.375″x1.375″ and the mini 0.500″x0.500″. Both sizes are machined from aluminum with the former boasting a media blast finish.

The VersiCube is from all-aluminum construction even the stand and pegs that come with it. This means you have a durable gear with you. It even comes in beautiful anodized color options including orange, blue, red, black, purple, green, yellow/gold, and silver.

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Images courtesy of KAD Models and Prototypes