It’s hard to feel particularly affectionate for electric bikes these days because they’re so expensive. Even the sub-par ones will almost cost you a thousand bucks. The new Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2 e-bike is priced similarly, but it’s not like any other electric bike.

Consider its top speed of 33mph, which means it’s not messing around. Whereas other e-bikes try to dress up their weaknesses with superfluous additions, Juiced Bikes gets it. You need speed if you really want to stand out. This has it, and it does stand out.

The California-based bike company, known for its high-power bicycle offerings, isn’t new to our ears, of course. No surprise, too, that it’s now offering a 52V option for all the bikes in its entire lineup. Yes, you read that right. The powerhouse e-bike manufacturer, like its latest ride, isn’t messing around.

The original CrossCurrent S2, at 52V, offers a slightly better performance than the default 48V. An electric’s motor speed depends mostly on voltage, and a 52V in this case provides roughly 7% more speed over the other setup. Not huge gains by any stretch of the imagination, sure. But we’re glad Juiced Bikes is committed to upping the ante. But that’s not the only thing it wants to focus on.

“As much as we’re focused on providing unparalleled performance features, like a larger battery and proprietary pedal assist technologies, it’s equally important that our bikes are accessible and affordable.”

The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2 retails for $1,799. More details when you hit the link below.


Photos courtesy of Juiced Bikes