Now that we are already in 2021, most of us are hopeful that the pandemic will slow down to a crawl and eventually end. One of the biggest events people can look forward to in the coming months is the Lunar New Year celebration. Obviously, much like the regular one each year, it’s full of festivities in many regions. Given that folks love to celebrate with alcohol, top distillers such as Johnnie Walker occasionally release limited edition bottles.

A while back, When HBO’s Game of Thrones was at the peak of popularity, Johnnie Walker released three highly collectible blends. These were the A Song of Fire, A Song of Ice, and White Walker. Meanwhile, ahead of the festival on February 12, the beloved Scotch brand is introducing special versions of its blended whiskeys.

First is the Lunar New Year limited-edition John Walker & Sons King George V. At first glance the flint glass decanter holding the beautiful amber liquid does not look any different from the standard one. However, you’ll notice that the seal now bears a shade of crimson and gold which the Chinese believe symbolizes good fortune. Furthermore, the box has been decorated with a dragon floating among clouds in the auspicious colors noted earlier.

Next comes the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Ox. From a visual standpoint, this limited-edition blend is more festive than King George V. Featuring detailed illustrations by award-winning Chinese artist Shirley Gong, each bottle is a remarkable showpiece. Each surface features exclusive artwork that highlights the upcoming Lunar New Year. These two are a wonderful addition to any whiskey collection.

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Images courtesy of Johnnie Walker