We love it when game recognizes game. Most often, this involves new automotive experiments paying homage to predecessors that made ripples throughout history when it arrived. This time, however, it’s a timepiece that’s offering its reverence. Take a look at the Artisans De Geneve watch, which pays homage to the iconic 6536 Brown Rolex Submariner.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the makers, Artisans De Geneve, offers a select pool of customers customized timepieces. Its latest interpretation comes in the form of the watch you see above, itself calling back to the 6536 Brown Rolex Submariner, which debuted back in 1955.

Each detail of the new watch comes meticulously designed to honor the inspiration from which it draws. But here, we welcome new modifications. Such touch-ups include a new steel bezel, a machined case that ditches the crown guard, and beveled lugs &mdash hand-polished, at that.

Another highlight here, also reworked just like the rest of the meticulously restored pieces, is the dial. This custom Artisans De Geneve watch comes with a hand-finished and reworked dial aged with luminous material to give it the same aesthetics as that of a Rolex watch from the 1950s. The watchmaker also preserved the original qualities of the Rolex 3130 movement, and added a signature 21 ct massive gold rotor. The latter you can see through the added transparent sapphire case back.

It’s going to cost a pretty penny, though. The Artisans De Geneve watch costs $25,400 apiece. Before you go thinking that hovers way too high for a timepiece, don’t even bother. You’re probably not even in the list of people eligible to buy this masterpiece.