If you grew up watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons like us, then you should be familiar with their biggest hits. The animation studio was responsible for cult classics like the sitcom “The Flintstones.” Then there’s the futuristic counterpart of their Stone Age family – “The Jetsons” – which we think is the inspiration for the Jetson ONE.

The growing number of concepts are already undergoing testing. Personal flight might be drawing ever closer. Most of these aircraft are designed to ferry two or more people quickly and safely to their destinations. The Jetson ONE – as the name says – is a single-seat eVTOL – for your daily commute. To date, development and testing continue for a consumer-grade version of the emission-free aerial transport.

For now, there’s seems to be no hint of a version for at least two people, but we hope they consider it later on. The Jetson ONE features an all-aluminum space airframe with other parts in carbon fiber. This allows the manufacturer to bring the weight all the way down to about 190 lbs.

It may be light in contrast to others, but it can support pilots up to 210 lbs. Lift-off and propulsion come from 8 rotors mounted as pairs on four aerodynamic arms. Powered by an 88-kW high-discharge lithium-ion battery, it’s enough for a 20-minute flight at speeds up to 63 mph (software limited).

You can control the Jetson ONE via a 3-axis joystick and a throttle lever. With some practice, even first-time flyers can learn to maneuver the eVTOL. LiDAR sensors track terrain and obstacles, while the triple-redundant flight system always ensures reliability. Hands-free hover, emergency mode, and a ballistic parachute are likewise at the pilot’s disposal.

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Images courtesy of Jetson Aero