Stability has always been a Jetboil staple but combined with supreme portability, then you get the Jetboil Stash. This camping stove is so light you might forget you have it with you.

This standalone stove is 40% lighter than any Jetboil system at just 7.1 ounces or 200 grams. That’s just like bringing a pair of socks in your backpack. It’s barely there until you feel and see it. The designers did away with the igniter to cut the weight and used titanium for the burner.

Despite its featherweight construction, the Jetboil Stash maintains its cooking quality and speed. It has the same .8L FluxRring technology inherent with other Jetboil systems. This means it uses half the amount of fuel to boil twice as fast. It boils two cups of water in two and a half minutes. This is perfect for those survival food kits or for a cup of coffee when you’re out camping or trekking.

Moreover, stability is guaranteed during cooking with three built-in support arms that fold out. The arms also have these 0.8-liter cook pot slots that fit perfectly into the pot’s notches.

Best of all, the nesting system of the Jetboil Stash is great for any outdoor adventure. The silicone handle folds over for easy storage. The pot also has inner measuring indentations and a lid that comes with a pour spout. There is also a fuel can stabilizer. The pot functions as a storage for the burner and fuel canister while the silicone handle prevents the lid from falling off while on the go.

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Images courtesy of Jetboil