Most men wouldn’t even consider lugging a backpack lest it ruins their entire look for the day. Can’t blame them, really — the wrong bag choice can make or break a whole outfit. If you’re all suited up, for instance, then it doesn’t make sense to don a bulky, unwieldy jetpack around because it’ll dilute the sophistication of your tux.

That being said, bags can still work. Just like this Arcanum Leather Messenger bag from Jacob Bromwell, for example. The luxury brand, in partnership with All American Clothing Co., has built a messenger bag that answers the question, “Can a single bag look good with both streetwear and fancier get-ups?” The answer, as you might have guessed, is yes.

And not only is this bag stylish, but it also reserves a special compartment most bag manufacturers wouldn’t even consider adding: a space for your flask. Yup, you read that right. Front and center on this messenger bag is a strapped cage to keep your Jacob Bromwell flask in, accented with an arcing cutout in Arcanum’s front flap, ensuring onlookers can catch a glance of your fine flash even when the bag is closed.

In case you’re wondering about the name, the bag takes “Arcanum” Arcanum, OH, the city where Jacob Bromwell creates this bag, each of which takes a full 10 hours to manual handiwork to finish. So don’t be surprised that you have to pay a fortune — $1,1000, to be specific. Preorder now, though, and save $200 of the total price. The bag starts shipping Nov. 15.


Photos courtesy of Jacob Bromwell