As full electrification inches ever closer, we can’t wait to see what leading manufacturers have in store for us down the line. Recognized for its high-performance and luxury-tier motorcycles, many are eager to learn about what Ducati has in store. Before they do, Italdesign unveils its 860-E Concept and a brief overview of its possible specifications.

So far, we’ve showcased several promising proposals from established marques. In fact, there are even some that are already commercially available. In 2019, the Italian motorcycle brand’s CEO Claudio Domenicali hinted at emission-free plans.

Furthermore, he even went on to say that it was “not far away from series production.” Fast forward to April 2021 and Ducati sales executive Franceso Milicia says otherwise. It appears we won’t be getting an all-electric superbike anytime soon. As such, we have no choice but to see what Italdesign envisions for the future.

This is a tribute to an iconic sports bike but with a more sustainable powertrain. It’s sad that we won’t ever see a working model, but renders should keep us busy until that happens. Although Ducati is not completely rejecting the idea of zero-emission configurations, the 860-E Concept is the closest we can get right now.

Italdesign starts off with the legendary 860 GT sports bike and tweaks it with a retro-futuristic outline. The 860-E Concept features contemporary upgrades such as LED lighting, upside-down forks, dual-rotor disc brakes, and a single-sided swingarm to name a few.

Being a digital render, we can only speculate about its electric powertrain. Aside from the quiet hum of its motors, the output should match or even exceed that of the traditional version. Italdesign’s take on the Ducati 860-E Concept is on point from a visual standpoint.

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Images courtesy of Italdesign