Working from home has never been more convenient and comfortable with the iSwift Pi. This versatile workstation adapts to your writing situation: whether you’re sitting down, standing up, or squatting.

This is a digital nomad’s must-have arsenal for everyday comfort. It is a laptop desk and a laptop stand in one. As a desk, it can stand 7.5 inches or 8.6 inches and has four sitting angles when used as a stand. Transformation only takes seconds for improved posture and productivity. It even comes with a stopper to prevent the laptop from sliding off. This versatility allows you to work virtually anywhere be it on your kitchen counter standing up, on a tiny table, or on your bed or couch.

Best of all, the iSwift Pi is super thin when folded flat at just 0.2 inches and lightweight at 40 ounces. You can tuck it anywhere in your bag, under your pillow, or anywhere exactly since it doesn’t take up space. It is also comfortable to carry around and durable thanks to its PU material that is not only water-resistant but also stain and scratch-resistant. This can double as a makeshift breakfast table when on desk mode since you don’t have to worry about water or coffee stains.

Amazingly, this fully-functional laptop desk can take the load. It can handle a max of 44 pounds despite its lightweight and thin construction. That’s because it uses strong and wobble-free magnets within its frame to reinforce the stability of the structure. The iSwift Pi is spacious enough for a 17-inch laptop and a computer mouse with its measurement of 17.3 x 9.4 x 0.5 inches.

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Images courtesy of Swift Pi