Video capture technology shows no signs of stopping its evolution as companies create new ways to improve their performance. 360 cameras are now readily available for consumer and commercial purposes. Some professionals can work with the raw footage with the addition of fantastic post-processing tweaks. They come up with stunning clips that evoke excitement and emotion. Editing skills can only do so much. Therefore, if you’re planning to shoot cinematic VR videos, the Insta360 Titan should give you mind-blowing 11K-resolution photos and videos.

Presently, people already find regular videos and photos uninspired. If you check on social media, it looks like 360 photos and videos are on the upsurge. We’re probably all bored of looking at images that come from one angle. In other words, everybody longs for something more interactive and immersive. Plainly speaking, AR and VR are the next-generation platforms for entertainment. For this purpose, Insta360 crafted the Titan to deliver the most realistic cinematic VR experience.

The camera comes with eight lenses and each one is packing Micro Four Thirds sensors. Even when its moving around, the FlowState Stabilization system alongside a 9-axis gyro keeps your shots steady. In order to capture every detail, each of its shooters support 10-bit color and have a dedicated high-speed SD card. Likewise, the gyroscopic metadata requires another storage medium of its own. The Insta360 Titan is a powerful tool that can take vibrant and dynamic shots even in low-light conditions. The camera is powered by a 10,000 mAh battery and sports an aluminum alloy construction.

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