Over the years, a lot of folks we know who spend their downtime reading books have embraced technology. Not only is it a sustainable solution, but the convenience of packing thousands of books in a portable package makes e-book readers one of our favorite gadgets. After using models with monochrome screens for a long time, we were pleasantly surprised by the InkPad Color from Pocketbook.

As already alluded by the name, this e-book reader goes beyond the usual grayscale tones. Although we have no qualms reading books and manga in black and white, digital magazines and comics just look more vibrant with color. This is exactly the types of content that Pocketbook’s InkPad Color handles like a champ.

Pop open the box and what greets you is a compact yet feature-rich device. Unlike its 6-inch predecessor, the InkPad Color comes with bigger 7.8-inch Kaleido panel. Take note that this has backlighting just like other premium e-book readers. The grayscale resolution is a crisp 1872 x 1404 but drops to 624 x 468 for color.

No need for a night light as is soft illumination keeps text and images visible even in the dark. You can even adjust the brightness as not to bother others who might be asleep. We like the two-tone profile with the main housing in Moon Silver and the main bezel in black.

If capacitive touch controls are not your thing the physical buttons are likewise available. The InkPad Color supports most image, audio, audiobook, and e-book formats. The 16 GB internal memory should be more than enough but you can always add more storage via a microSD. Finally, the 2,900 mah battery combined with its power-efficient display will last up to a month on a single charge.

Buy – $329.00

Images courtesy of Pocketbook