How compact can manufacturers go with urban mobility platforms yet remain ergonomic and practical? The debate goes on as commuters look for a sustainable ride for work and leisure. ICOMA presents a cool two-wheeler that does not need to take up any traditional parking space.  When not in use, the Tatamel Bike collapses into a package that can fit under a standard office desk.

Since you’re not actually stepping through when using it, the manufacturer was right in calling it a mini electric motorcycle. At only 27.6” x 26.8” x 10.2” when not in use, it’s only slightly bigger than a full-sized gaming rig. There was no mention of its weight, but you can push or pull it along.

Thanks to the handle, front wheel, and skateboard wheels that fold down, it should be effortless to bring along. When you’re ready to ride, the Tatamel Bike deploys into a machine that measures 48.4” x 39.3” x 25.6” with a 600W motor.

Powering it up to speeds of 25 mph with a range of approximately 31 miles is a 12-Ah battery. ICOMA notes that these numbers are still from pre-production units It is currently testing. The Tatamel Bike has replaceable side panels and packs features that one would expect from a full-size e-bike.

Stuff such as LED lighting systems, a slide-out seat, front/rear suspension, turning signals, folding footpegs, and a kickstand. It’s amazing how ICOMA was able to engineer everything to fit in such a tiny structure. Gamers might notice that the Tatamel Bike looks like something out of “Death Stranding” or the “Metal Gear” series.

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Images courtesy of ICOMA