Don’t you just love it when digital artists come up with the most unlikely items from renowned names? Some might be a hit-or-miss when it comes to creativity, but occasionally, you strike gold. Bang & Olufsen is a manufacturer of upscale audio products with clean minimalist designs. Luca Martini channels that into the BeoSpeed concept and the result is jaw-dropping.

We all know that the Danish outfit has no plans to venture into sustainability anytime soon. Moreover, there are no notable collaborations in the works that we know of. However, the BeoSpeed makes us wish there was one. Everything about it just screams Bang & Olufsen, which is difficult to pull off.

Meanwhile, Martini somehow manages to take key visual elements people immediately associate with the brand and integrate these into the BeoSpeed concept. The result is a distinct blend of high-end materials and a sleek silhouette. The decision to go with an electric drive system further enhances its appeal.

Unfortunately, the artist behind this mechanical masterpiece did not share any proposed technical specifications. Still, the emission-free powertrain should make it an eco-minded urban commuter’s ride of choice. The matte stainless-steel body likewise makes it one hefty machine.

Bang & Olufsen usually favors leather and premium fabrics to give its products the luxe aesthetics. As for the BeoSpeed, you’ll likely find it on the seats, handlebars, and as decorative accents throughout the electric scooter.

The addition of LED lighting on the wheels is a nice touch to improve visibility at night. The BeoSpeed looks more like a work of art just like the brand’s catalog of sophisticated speakers and headphones. If only this concept would convince the company to give it a shot.

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Images courtesy of Luca Martini