Earlier this week, an all-electric luxury platform from Lucid Motors was in the headlines. Many might think that it was brought about by the luxurious design and remarkable range. At 517 miles on a full charge, the Air evidently outperforms existing models that already boast exceptional mileage themselves. To our surprise, it seems another carmaker is out for blood as it promises even more. This here is the Hyperion XP-1 and it knows how to make a grand entrance.

Right out of the gate, what the manufacturer immediately announces will stun anyone. Hyperion is making a bold claim that its XP-1 will be delivering up to 1,000 miles on a single charge. We must admit that this could be an advertising gimmick to drum up publicity around the machine, but it’s purportedly not. Most of the latest emission-free vehicles, supercars, and hypercars all share a common feature – the battery.

Majority of commercial and prototype models are engineered to use lithium-ion batteries. These are notably heavy and can take up a lot of space. Thus, Hyperion aims to use hydrogen fuel cell technology instead as it promises a more efficient platform. This makes the XP-1 lightweight and powerful enough to reach 60 mph from a standstill in 2.2 seconds. Push the pedal all the way and see it reach speeds above 220 mph.

Moreover, the XP-1 is certainly pleasing to the eyes as well with its glass canopy dynamic aesthetics. Hyperion is certainly going for a futuristic presentation. Nevertheless, it still manages to keep it under control as to not make it too garish. Development seems to be still in progress with availability likely in 2022.

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Images courtesy of Hyperion