When it comes to concept cars, there’s a love-hate relationship for it among gearheads. While others are eager to see what manufacturers come up with, others hate the fact the most of these do not even make it production. However, there are some rare instances herein some elements are carried over to a new platform. Unfortunately, the Koenigsegg RAW only exists in digital form to explore how far the carmaker can take its design forward. Nevertheless, its flaunts everything one would want from a hypercar of the future.

This creation comes from student designer Esa Mustonen. It somehow reimagines what a Koenigsegg vehicle would look like with more angular sections instead of curves. While it does appear a bit chunky, the shape of the exterior still retains a flowing dynamic form factor. These renders are for the Swedish marque’s design consultancy RAW Design House.

Mustonen might seem like a relative unknown, but his experience speaks differently about his capabilities. A student at Lahti University of Applied Sciences in Finland, he boasts connections with Renault, Genesis, and Christian von Koenigsegg himself. Many are speculating that his RAW concept might be a preview of a new sub-brand down the line.

The Koenigsegg RAW is a three-seater with distinct elements such as the double-bubble aesthetic of the brand’s lineup. It appears notably compact thanks to the shorter rear section that adds to its unique presentation. Just behind the rear seats of the cabin, will sit a 700-horsepower three-cylinder Freevalve engine. The goal is to develop this ride with a target weight of just 1,543 pounds. This should ensure outstanding performance and handling.

Check out his work: here

Images courtesy of Esa Mustonen