If for some reason you don’t own pets, you probably don’t know much about the correct way of feeding them. Yes, it looks adorable when these little critters chomp down their bowls as fast as they can. However, it might actually be bad for them. Which is why it’s often recommended to use slow feeders. Like Lickimat.

Varying in styles, shapes, and design, all slow feeders are for one thing only: to make pets eat more slowly. A slow feeder bowl typically has obstructions or separations that forces a pet to go slow on their munchies.

This one from Hyper Pet, called Lickimat, is just one of many slow feeders around, but instead of a bowl, it’s a mat. It’s designed with a free treat delivery system that promotes calmer cat and dog behavior and relieves stress during stressful times like storms.

But mainly, putting dog or cat food and all sorts of treats into your pet’s Lickimat extends their eating time, which could keep them engaged for 20 to 30 minutes. You can also freeze food spread onto the Lickimat to extend this even further.

It can also entertain pets longer than traditional dog and cat treats, keeping them busy for extended periods of time. Plus, Lickimat is made with a unique spiked surface that promotes fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums by scraping bad bacteria from the tongue and stimulating saliva reproduction.

All that from a mat. Neat. Lickimat doesn’t employ any special tricks or fancy schmancy wizardry, too. It all works because the mat encourages licking, which apparently soothes pets more than simply chewing does.


Photos courtesy of Hyper Pet