Ride safely in the night with the Hydra 3 bike light. This innovative product detects your motions while biking so it can provide you with illumination where you need it.

This lighting device prevents possible collisions or accidents that usually happen when turning into corners. It uses a micro-controller and a set of sensors to detect your motions so it can automatically provide you with light when turning into corners. The internal electronics sense when you are turning so it can steer the beam real-time. The left, center, and right LED turns on and off to direct light where you need it.

This product uses a proprietary terrain-adaptive system to provide you with illumination that stays on the trail, so you no longer have to use a helmet light to see the road ahead of you. The technology allows the device to light up much farther down a switchback so you get a smooth ride every time.

Best of all, this lighting system does not need any additional gear for it to work. It easily mounts on your bike’s handlebar and it doesn’t require pairing because the internal electronics are self-contained.

The Hydra 3 provides light for an indefinite period with the use of an external USB pack and two hours at full brightness using its internal 3400 mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It is lightweight and safe to use in a downpour because it is IP64 water-resistant.

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Photos Courtesy of Mystic Devices