The CYCL Winglights360 was built with the cyclist’s safety in mind. It alerts other road commuters about your position and the direction you wish to take on the road.

This small device does more than highlight your presence on the road like what traditional front and back bicycle lights do. It also lets other vehicles around you know the safe distance to pass you on the road. It gives other drivers an idea of the bike’s width, thus avoiding potential dangerous overtakes.

A press and hold of the button activate the permanent light functions. The white and red LED lights on the front and back, respectively, tell the rider’s dimensions. A single tap turns the lights into flashing orange-colored direction indicators, so other drivers would know if you are turning left or right. It stops flashing after 45 seconds to conserve battery.

The Winglights360 uses built-in magnets to attach to the end of your bike’s handlebars. For added support, the device also uses a screw-in locking system to keep it firmly in place no matter the terrain. A carabiner clip allows for easy removal from the handlebars.

This sleek safety device is made from CNC aluminum which makes it shockproof and uses transparent plastic lenses to provide optimal light diffusion. It is IP67 waterproof so you can use it even in a downpour.

The Winglights360 charges through micro USB cable in under 30 minutes. You get three hours of continuous light mode in one full charge and more with flashing light.

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Photos Courtesy of CYCL