Humanscale’s approach to wireless charging involves decluttering your workspace or nightstand of charging trays or pads. That leaves you with just the charger itself, which as the company aptly named it, the Neat Charge.

It is an under-desk charger that hides discreetly under any flat surface. Thus, it turns that surface into a charging pad or tray. Place it on the bottom of your desk or tabletop, or anywhere you see fit, and you can practically charge your mobile devices anywhere. It can accommodate surfaces as thin as 0.6 inches and up to 1.18″ thick and is sleek enough to remain inconspicuous.

Moreover, its compact size means you can place Humanscale’s Neat Charge anywhere you want. It may not exactly replace your power bank given the absence of the charging pad. But when you’re out in a cafe or in a public workstation, it’ll do just that too: somehow. You can plug its power cable into an electric socket and use a 3M adhesive tape to stick it under a table. It is also lightweight enough to carry around at just 7.94 ounces or less than a kilo.

However, if you prefer to fix it to a certain spot in your bedroom or house, you can do so using screws. It also comes with a sticker that serves as a guide on the charging surface. After all, you can never pinpoint exactly at first glance where to place your device for charging. Sometimes the charging does not work when both parties are not aligned. Humanscale’s Neat Charge provides up to 10W of Qi-wireless charging.

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Images courtesy of Humanscale