hile many Android users have been taking advantage of wireless charging for a few years now, Apple has recently joined the revolution. They did this with iPhone 8 and iPhone X, both relatively new to the tech world. Despite the newer Apple phones out today, the iPhone X still remains the talk of the town. Thus, people want to charge them up even more for their great usage. However, finding iPhone X wireless chargers is not exactly easy.

We’re perfectly aware of this. Yet this is why we have an article out on the subject. To some, it might be tough to know what wireless charging actually is. It’s not too difficult to understand, as it’s merely placing your phone on a pad or dock. This is the part plugged into the wall, and your phone remains free. No more fiddling with wires!

It is important to note that iPhone X wireless chargers support three different speeds. 5W is the standard for most wireless chargers. However, the faster versions at 7.5W and 10W are now available.

“Faster charging” means that the device receives more than the standard 5 watts of power transfer. With a 7.5-watt charger, the iPhone X sees a 50% charge within a half hour. Meanwhile, it would take the standard 5W up to 2 hours to accomplish this. That is why having a faster charger can make a huge difference if you have a busy schedule.

Most of the wireless chargers are quite similar, so you might be more influenced by price when deciding to buy one. Don’t be, as price does not dictate the best chargers. Check out our guide below as well as the FAQs to learn more!

How do iPhone X wireless chargers work?

Phone manufacturers are continually refining their algorithms to improve their products. This led them to Inductive wireless charging and how it operated. Basically, chargers generate a lot of heat due to the higher wattages here. Once they pass certain temperatures, the power threshold is reduced and slows down the charge.

These iPhone X wireless chargers have a built-in fan to keep temps down for this reason.

iPhone X wireless chargers transfer energy from the dock or pad to a receiver in the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction. The dock creates an alternating electromagnetic field by using an induction coil. The receiver coil present in the phone then converts the field into electricity which is fed into the battery.

To work correctly, both the charger and phone have to be in close proximity to each other and be correctly aligned.

The speed at which your phone will charge on one is affected by a number of factors, including that correctly aligned dock mentioned earlier.

There are a few other factors which affect the speed of wireless charging; the phone needs to be perfectly aligned with the dock. Every charging pad or dock has built-in sensor coils which need to be aligned with your phone to begin charging. Some pads have one coil only while other wireless chargers can have up to three coils built in them.

Some wireless chargers have a slippery surface which makes it difficult for your phone to stay in one place and interferes with its charging process. You can avoid this issue by either buying a non-slip charger pad or by keeping your phone in its case while charging.

Is wireless charging as good as traditional charging?

In most cases, wireless charging is slower than using traditional cable wire chargers. But this only holds true for the standard 5W chargers. If you want to charge your phone quickly, it is recommended to buy a fast charger such as 7W or 10W ones.

Traditional chargers may take more than 4 hours to recharge iPhone X or 8 completely but using a 7.5W the charging time is reduced to half or even less than that.

Traditional chargers need to be plugged in, and they end up damaging your phone’s jock in the long term. Wireless chargers do not require plugging in any wire which keeps your phone in perfect condition for longer.

Wireless chargers are typically rated by wattage or output amperage with a 5V wireless charger comparable to a typical 1A USB charger (like the one that comes with iPhone 7).

The new high-powered wireless chargers are capable of recharging larger batteries smartphones in less than two hours.

Do I have to take off my case to use the wireless charger?

The short answer to this question is no; you can charge your iPhone X with its cover on any wireless dock or pad as long as there is no metal in the case. Any metal sticker or magnetic phone mount won’t allow the phone to charge.

Qi is a method of inductive charging which works at farther distances than from transmission point. It uses a system of magnetic coils which have both a receiver and a transmitter. If your phone case is made of metal or has any metal piece in it, it will negatively affect the transmitters ability to send signals.

Even a tiny magnetic plate used in car mounts will diminish the charging capabilities of a wireless pad.

When searching for a wireless charger for your phone, try to find one that is Qi certified, and you will have no problem charging your phone in its case. Cheap chargers which do not specifically state that they are Qi certified will cause you some case charging grief.

It will also cause trouble when aligning your phone to the wireless dock; causing the charging process to slow down or completely stop.

There are many wireless charger manufacturers who try to pass their products off as supporting Qi standards. For a product to get Qi certified it has to pass many rounds of testing to receive the certification. If you are unsure, check out the WPC website which updates its list of approved devices every hour.

If there is one thing I have learned in my life is that it’s better to spend a little bit more when buying a high-end product than to buy a cheap alternative. You will simply end up spending more when you will have to repair or replace it. So, it’s best to stick to high-end, certified products if you want to save money in the long run.


0.64 Ounces
6.7 x 4.7 x 0.7 inches
Input voltage
5.0V-2.0A and 9.0V-1.67A
Output voltage

The TNSO wireless charger is a game changer when it comes to wireless chargers; it can lie flat or tilt upwards, so you can place your phone against it vertically. Its unique design allows you to charge your cell phone laying it down horizontally or stacking it vertically. You can take calls, watch videos and view updates while keeping your hands-free.

TNSO charger comes in matt black color which blends perfectly into any backgrounds whether you keep it at home or at work; it is sure to jazz up your space. Depending on your needs, you can use this charger to recharge your phone at a standard 5W output, or it also works as a fast charger with 10W.

It is one of the fastest wireless chargers for iPhone X.

It has a smart chip that’s built-in to protect against overheating, over-charging and short circuit. It falls on the cheaper end of the spectrum when it comes to price.

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  • TNSO wireless charger has a unique shape which allows you to charge your phone horizontally or vertically which no other charger is offering in the market.
  • It folds into a compact disc shape which makes it highly portable.
  • It is offering a competitive price for the value it’s providing to the customers.
  • Like most wireless charger, TNSO charger only works if your phone case is less than 4mm thick and has no metal in it.



0.33 x 4.13 inches
Input voltage
5V/2A, 9V/1.67A
Output voltage
5V/1A, 9V/1.3A

The Chuanghuike wireless charger is a sleek charger with a futuristic design that is affordably priced. It is compatible with iPhone X, 8 and 8 plus along with Samsung S9, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge and Note 5. You can fully charge your phone within three hours without any hassle of plugging in a cord.

It is an ultra slim charger with no annoying beeps that can be carried easily in your handbag. It comes with an 18-month warranty from the date of purchase so that you can buy it without any worry in mind.

Chuanghuike wireless charger has a smart LED light for showing different charging status. The red light indicates the phone is in standby mode whereas the blue light shows up when the phone is charging. This charger works best with a 2A adapter which you will need to purchase separately.

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  • It has an incredibly portable design which fits comfortably into a handbag and looks stylish in your home or office.
  • It comes with an anti-skid silicone base which prevents the phone from slipping off and keeps it in place.
  • The intelligent charging mechanism automatically turns off when the phone is fully charged to prevent overheating.
  • The smart LED indicator alerts you of the current battery status.
  • Your phone and wireless pad may get slightly warm while charging.
  • You will require a 2A adaptor with this charger as it won’t work properly with your laptop.



4.8 Ounces
5.9 x 4.5 x 0.6 inches
Input voltage
Output voltage

Kuppet is a Qi wireless certified charger which is compatible with a broad range of phones including iPhone X,8, 8 Plus, Samsung S9, S8, S7, S6 edge and Google Nexus 4,5 and 6. It has a slim design which comes with a micro USB cable that you can connect with your laptop.

The Kuppet wireless charger is a savvy piece of equipment for all your charging needs, and what’s more, it does not give off any distracting lights while you sleep. Simply put your phone on the pad and sleep peacefully while it charges your phone.

Its circular design makes it highly versatile; allowing you to charge many other wireless devices without the hassle of cable or wires. The package comes complete with a user manual, wireless charger pad, and a micro USB.

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  • It is a fast charger with a 10-watt output that recharges your device fully in less than two hours.
  • It is a versatile charger which is designed to support phones and other wireless devices.
  • It does not overheat your phone while charging it.
  • There is no need to remove your phone case as it can charge anyway.
  • The LED light may be too bright for some people, and they might find it distracting.



2.88 Ounces
0.3 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
Input Voltage
5V/2A, 9V/1.67A
Output Voltage

Trim dish wireless charger has a matt black disc-shaped design. It has an anti-slip rubber on the bottom to keep it in place and air vents to keep the charger cool while working. Trim dish offers wireless chargers with three different outputs 5, 7.5 and 10 watts.

It is compatible with iPhone X, 8, 8 plus (10watts) and Samsung S9, S8, S7, S6 edge, Note 5. Just connect the wireless charger with adapter and place your phone in the middle to charge it.

Trim dish wireless charger comes with a 3ft micro USB cable which is long enough to place the charger on your bedside table or office desk.

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  • Three different output capacities allow you to charge a variety of devices.
  • It has advanced heat control vents which maintain the ideal temperature for charging.
  • It has smart technology which protects against surge and short circuit problems.
  • It is a slow charger and takes about 4 hours to recharge iPhone X completely.
  • You will need to take the cover of your phone for this charger to work correctly.
  • It only works well with the recommended adapters and cables.



7.2 Ounces
5.9 x 3.4 x 2.9 inches
Input Voltage
Output Voltage

The Turbot wireless charger is a smart solution for charging all your Qi devices. It has three built-in sensing coils which offer you a much wider charging area and a stand which helps to keep the phone in place.

Turbot wireless charger is compatible with all the popular phones including iPhone X, 8, 8+, Samsung S9, S8, S7, S6, S6 edge, Sony Xperia XZ2, Nexus 4,5,6,7 and Nokia Lumia 920/928/1020/1520. It requires a 2A adapter for best results, and it is also recommended to remove your phone case while charging.

Turbot charger’s unique design makes it easy for users to use their phone’s hands-free while it’s charging. The three built-in sensing coils enhance its charging capacity.

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  • Turbot wireless charger is quite affordable as compared to other similar products.
  • The innovative design allows you to watch movies, read books or take calls while the phone is charging in the stand.
  • It is resistant to overheating, over-charging and also protects against short circuit.
  • It comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and is available in silver or black colors.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of phones
  • You will need to buy the adapter separately for it to work correctly.
  • It is bulkier than other wireless chargers.
  • The shape makes it difficult to carry it in a small handbag.



3.2 Ounces
4.5 x 4.5 x 0.45 inches
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
5 watts/1AMP

Belkin is a Qi-certified wireless charger that is shaped like a disc or a plate. It comes with a wall adapter and a micro USB cable. You enjoy fast wireless charging by placing your phone on the non-slip surface with this 5-watt charger.

A green LED light is turned on when the phone is correctly aligned on the base and is charging. It’s compact design, and light weight makes it easy to carry around.

Belkin wireless charger is universally compatible with Qi phones and devices including iPhone X/8/8+ and Samsung S9/S8/S7/S6/S6 Edge and Google Nexus 6/5/4. You do not need to remove your phone case as it is compatible with most 3mm cases which do not have any metal in them.

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  • Belkin charger has a sleek design and is exceptionally lightweight.
  • It can be compactly stored and carried easily in a hand or laptop bag.
  • The non-slip surface helps to keep the phone in place without it sliding off.
  • It only provides the standard 5W charging which is not fast enough for most phones and devices.



2.25 Ounces
3.3 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches
Input Voltage
Output Voltage

The Dooker wireless charger has a transparent futuristic design that is shaped like a coffee cup coaster. It begins charging the moment you put your phone on it. The simple round design gives it a sleek modern appearance, and 2.25 ounces makes it one of the lightest wireless chargers available in the market.

It is compatible with a wide array of phones including iPhone X/8/8+, Samsung Galaxy S9. S8, S7, S6, S6 Edge, LG Nexus, Motorola and a few Blackberry models.

This charger supports 5W output which makes it a standard charger. This charger takes about 3-4 hours to recharge an iPhone X completely.

Dooker wireless charger is a safe device, according to the manufacturer, as it is approved by FCC, RoHS, and CE. It protects against over-charging, over-heating, over/under voltage so that your phone gets damaged.

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  • Compatible with a wide array of phones.
  • Supports 5W output.
  • Protects against over-charging, over-heating, over/under voltage.
  • Quite heavy.



3.68 Ounces
3.9 x 3.9 x 0.39 inches
Input Voltage
5.0V – 2A & 9.0V – 1.67A
Output Voltage
9V/1.0A & 5V/1.0A

The Vuker wireless charger is a complete package when it comes to design, price, and performance. It has a simple white disc-shaped design which is aesthetically pleasing and costs less than $15. It has small air vents at the back which protect it from overheating.

A blue light turns on to show that the wireless charger is working. It also has four small rubbers attached to its base to prevent it from slipping.

It is available in 5-watt and 7-watt outputs; making it compatible with an extensive variety of phones and devices. Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7, S6, iPhone X/8/8+, LG Nexus, G2. G3, G4, Moto Droid Maxx/mini/turbo, HTC Rezound are all compatible with the Vuker charger.

The Vuker wireless charger generates 50% less heat due to its unique thermal design. It is made with high-quality copper wires which have longer diameters to support faster charging.

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  • It is one of the cheapest wireless chargers available in the market.
  • Vuker is a safe charger, it provides protection against over/under voltage and short circuit. It increases your phone’s battery life.
  • It has a power-efficient idle mode which cuts off power if the phone is overcharging.
  • It does not make any noise while charging and the blue light is quite dim so you can enjoy your sleep peacefully.
  • You will need to remove your case if its thicker than 2mm because it does not work correctly with phone cases.



2.4 Ounces
3.9 x 3.9 x 0.4 inches
Input Voltage
Output Voltage

The Anker wireless charger has a matt black disc-shaped design. It is compatible with all Qi devices and reduces charging time by 10% as compared to other 5-watt chargers. Anker’s world-renowned technology makes it convenient to recharge your phone while in its case.

You no longer have to waste time taking the phone’s case off or putting it back on.

Anker wireless charger does not give off any stray radiations and protects your phone from overheating. It is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ /S8 / S8 Plus /Note 8 / S7 / S7 edge / S6 edge+ / Note 5 and Nokia Lumia 830 / 920 / 1020 / 1520 / 930.

Anker has designed its charger to provide protection against overheating, short-circuit and is fully certified by CE, FCC, and RoHS.

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  • Anker’s wireless charger comes with 18 months warranty with full customer support.
  • You do not have to remove your device’s case if it’s less than 5mm in thickness.
  • It is made of active components and chipset; providing advanced thermal protection.
  • It does not work with laptop and Apple 1A charger. You will need to buy a separate adapter.



1.92 Ounces
3.72 x 3.72 x 0.47 inches
Input Voltage
Output Voltage

If you are wondering which wireless charger is a best seller on Amazon, then Yootech takes the cake! The Yootech wireless charger is easy on the eyes as its aesthetically pleasing and the disc shape makes it extremely portable.

The Yootech wireless charger is compatible with most android and apple phones including Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, Note 5 and iPhone X/8/8+. Yootech is designed to be sleep-friendly; it does not create any noise while charging and the LED also turns off after the phone begins charging.

This wireless charger’s design is 0.47inches in thickness which helps to enhance its temperature control feature. The intelligent microchip built inside this charger provides heat control, surge protection and short-circuit protection.

It also comes with an 18-month manufacturer warranty, so you can have peace of mind when buying this wireless charger.

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  • It is an excellent product in terms of price, features, functionality, and portability.
  • Yootech has a sleek modern design that will look great in any environment.
  • It is one of the lowest priced wireless chargers available on Amazon.
  • It has three charging modes; 5W/7W/10W.
  • The indicator light flashes for 16 seconds and turns off automatically so you can sleep without any disturbance.
  • Yootech wireless charger works best with an adapter that you will need to buy separately.


All Charged Up Yet?

Android users have been enjoying wireless charging for a while now whereas only the latest Apple phones have joined the league recently. Several manufacturers have partnered with Apple to design fast chargers which support all Qi compatible devices.

However, Apple is only keeping wireless pads from Belkin and Mophie in its outlets.

Options from other manufacturers will improve with time as they roll out their own chargers which are likely to be certified under Apple’s MFi program. When buying a wireless charger, it is recommended to look for WPC certification which allows manufacturers to provide verification that their products comply with the latest Qi specifications.

However, a missing Qi logo or lack of WPC certification does not necessarily mean that a wireless charger is substandard in performance. There are many non-certified wireless chargers available in the market which are quite popular among users.

We at Men’s Gear encourage that you look up any potential purchases in the WPC database, so you can stay safe from risks of overheating and short circuit while charging. This will help you narrow down your choice for a wireless charger that meets your requirements and is completely safe as well.