A few months ago, Hozo Design sent over a novel device called the ROLLOVA. What it did differently from standard tools is allow you to take measurements of uneven surfaces and shapes. However, the digital rolling ruler had some limitations when it came to reach. The manufacturer seeks to address that and improve capabilities. Enter the MEAZOR an innovative all-in-one gadget to add to your EDC arsenal.

Hozo Design is crowdfunding its latest project that hopes to become the go-to option for the average user as well as professionals. From a design aspect, the MEAZOR has the hallmarks of an exquisitely engineered product.

It is crafted out of high-end materials that deliver a premium experience both in feel and function. The compact form factor and superb ergonomics make it comfortable to hold and handy enough to slip into your pockets. There is even a foldable stand and tripod screw hole for accuracy.

Also, the Hozo Design equips it with an STM32 microprocessor for faster and more power-efficient performance. The developers are also switching from the monochrome 1.3-inch OLED display of the ROLLOVA to a 1.3-inch 184-PPI round touch display.

Equally notable is the magnetic encoder of its rolling measure mechanism. It will remain accurate and is durable enough to withstand everyday use. Another welcome upgrade we love is the rechargeable battery. The 550 mAh unit boasts a 300-day standby time and up to 16 hours of continuous action.

Its three core features include 2D floorplan scanning, laser distance measuring, and the rolling ruler from the ROLLOVA. With all three functionalities, the MEAZOR becomes a powerful tool for almost anything you need to measure.

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Images courtesy of Hozo Design