When you’re dealing with precision, just eyeballing measurements is not really the best way to go about it. Sure, with years of experience, some folks can practically estimate the numbers. However, when a project demands accuracy, one might want to invest in tools to make their job easier. We want to share our thoughts on the ROLLOVA and what makes it a better alternative over your standard instruments.

Although traditional options are still available, you can take the next step and allow cutting-edge technology to take difficulties out of the equation. This is where the ROLLOVA rolls in (pun intended) to give us something remarkably portable.

This cool replacement for your old-school trusty ruler or measuring tape comes from the team at HOZO Design. The company introduced the world’s first compact digital rolling ruler – the ROLLOVA — in 2018. Instead of completely reworking the original, the team is making improvements to its functionality and quality. Full optimization allows users to benefit from the reliable performance and versatility it brings to the table.

“At HOZO DESIGN STUDIO, we pride ourselves on our steadfast dedication to ensuring every single one of our projects is completed with our clients in mind. Below, you can see samples showcasing several of our latest launched products and conceptual designs,” stated the manufacturer.

They continued with: “Most of our projects are designed to disrupt an aspect of technology in a specific way. While some are launched, live, and available to the public, others remain in the conceptual stage. waiting for the break of day.” Therefore, you can expect to get a top-notch device that promises a unique convenience that’s up to the task.”

Design and build quality

What we love about the ROLLOVA aside from its ability to measure more than just straight lines is the top-notch construction. What we have here is not a run-of-the-mill cheap plastic gadget that you can find in a hardware store bargain bin somewhere. Instead, it boasts a robust body crafted out of 7075 aluminum alloy that measures 2 inches in diameter and 0.5 inches thick.

As you can see, this is very pocketable which adds to its charm. To enhance its durability, you have 304 stainless-steel on both of its flanks that definitely gives it a stylish vibe. Moreover, the matte finish looks classy and the metal feels noticeably premium. The rest of the assembly is nylon plastic, while the outer ring is silicone rubber.

The material properties of the latter and the ribbed texture provides excellent grip on almost any surface. This keeps the ROLLOVA from slipping when in use no matter what angle and direction you need it to go. The Designer Edition flaunts an elegant gold/black colorway, while the regular version comes in silver/black. Meanwhile, HOZO Design even throws in a fancy leather case to protect your device.

Technical Specs

To view measurements, the ROLLOVA sports a 128 x 64-resolution, 1.3-inch OLED display (white for the Designer Edition, blue for the standard). It sits behind a perforated stainless-steel array that lines perfectly with each pixel.

Measurements are calculated using the ALPS sensor and advanced algorithms processed by the onboard OVA2.0 STM32 chip. HOZO Design claims it is 60% more accurate, 25% more power-efficient, and 37% more powerful than its predecessor.

On the opposite end is a single button right in the middle of the removable stainless-steel cover. Just twist it to unlock and you can access the two CR1632 button cell batteries. This gives the ROLLOVA at least two years of standby time. Finally, its memory can save up to 99 measurements.

Measuring with the ROLLOVA

Not only is HOZO Design banking on aesthetics to sell its products, but Its likewise promoting a futuristic approach. To start, just lineup up the marker on the edge of the item you want to measure, press the button and drag it across.

The display should show the measurements in centimeters or inches depending on how you have it set up. Just release the button once you reach the end for the final reading. For corners, you can press the button once or twice to offset the radius or diameter of the ROLLOVA.

Key takeaways

It might seem that we are only highlighting all the good stuff about HOZO Design’s latest gadget. Nevertheless, we also need to point out some of the caveats we noticed. For example, unlike a retractable tape measure, the ROLLOVA is limited to how far your hands can reach. Another gripe we have is the need to keep the button pressed while measuring.

As much as we want to complain about the aforementioned areas for improvement, we found the ROLLOVA impressive. Furthermore, we want to praise the concept behind it which is refreshing compared to what the market currently has to offer. It is handy, lightweight, accurate, and most of all, fun.

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